Vulcain Dock

Good Evening,
We will develop in the coming application management platform, for large transport companies.
This application will embark from the platform operating information such obvious (and more) to operate.
When an agent dock must identify a package from the label on a list of 11 page 8 lines (experienced) it can take several minutes, with embedded computing (Android tablet core) it would take a few seconds at most.
For a large transport company of international stature, the economy could represent tens of thousands of Euros monthly.
Development costs are around € 40,000. It will take between 6 months and 2 years to develop. Everything will depend on the interest of our customers for the product.
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Vulcain Driver

Good Evening,
In September 2014, we will release the Android « Vulcan Driver » application. This software will compliment Vulcan Logistics Carrier. We will allow the driver to take his tour on his smartphone and return real-time information on the status of his or picked up his deliveries.
The basic smartphone can scan barcodes, it is clear that we will use this feature when it is useful.

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Server TCP

Good Evening,
We have developed a TCP server, which connects the Vulcan Logistics Charger software with Vulcan Logistics Carrier. Since the loader version, we send an order telematics transportation TCP server receives and inserts directly into the database Vulcan Logistics carrier.
The charger software can be set to a color carrier.
Whether you are a carrier, shipper or software publisher, contact us to learn how to combine our talents.

Best regards.