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Why Vulcain ( 11 June 2008)

Why Vulcain ( 11 June 2008)
Name :
You need one is not filed , so it may have to be changed. Yet it symbolizes strength, the heart energy of the earth.
The origin :
The company I work for has chosen it a few years ago a software inventory management undrinkable. Slowness was equaled its many crashes. Skirting the Delphi world , I knew I could do better. However , rather than rebuild what we already had , I decided to build a tool that would complement .
Vulcain is also born gently , replacing notepad or I noticed shipments . A real help for my delivery partner was born.

Every day I use this program to deliver customers of my business. It allows me drafting transport documents automatically reflect the specifications of our clients (opening hours , unloading means , accessibility etc. . Etc. . ) Just save me once a condition of delivery for this one serializes each new instance of the recipient. I send complete orders charters with everything needed for my shippers can send the goods in good and due form among the recipients.
The future :
It’s harder to write code for you and me. I have to imagine that at any time I will not be on your computer in case of trouble .
By the end of the year it will place an order transport encrypted. Failing to avoid large increases our carriers (I think the cyclical increase fuel-related ) it is important to at least know how much it costs us .